Monday, 1 June 2015

Finally Microsoft confirms release of Windows 10 on July 29....!!

Finally Microsoft confirms the release date of much awaited version of Windows that is Windows 10. Microsoft confirmed that the update would be available as a free upgrade for  users of most recent versions of Windows which would be probably Windows 7 , 8 & 8.1. 

Earlier Microsoft had just said that Windows 10 would would be released this summer without any particular dates. Moreover.  Microsoft declined the free upgrade to the pirated versions of Windows.
Microsoft also told that  the new PC's and tablets running Windows 10 will go on sale on July 29 , while Windows 10 for other devices such as Smartphones would be available later this year.

Windows 10 would be a huge upgrade to Windows.  It would change entire user experience. Microsoft has made improvements to the UX including a new Live Tile Animation for the Start Menu. Also Windows 0 would support high DPI displays. Aero glass (Aero glass is those translucent  Windows you saw on Windows 7 and what Apple has also used in OS X)from windows 7 could also return. Also their a feature named "Continuum " which help to synchronize your work from your Windows Phone to your Windows Desktop and with this you could start your from where you left from any of these devices.

"Cortona" already has created a great buzz which is a self assistant tool and Microsoft claims great new features and improvements.  Also Windows 10 would be loaded with music and videos App , XBox App for gaming and some other userfull Apps.
So finally the World's largest Software company would come up with its revolutionary upgrade to the most used PC operating System and would cope up with  the new  era of Apps and many new efficient features ,

Friday, 15 May 2015

Google launches affordable Chromebooks With Xolo and Nexian at Rs 12,999..!!

As already seen with Android one devices , Google had partnershipped with Indian companies like  Micromax , Spice and Karbonn to make budget Google phones popularly known as "Android One " Phones. This time its Google Chromebooks and it has partnershipped with Xolo and Nexian . These Chromebooks are priced at Rs 12,999 and would be available online on Snapdeal and Amazon India respectively.
Google has also informed that the latest Chromebook units from Asus including the Chromebook Flip and C201 , and will be available from local retailers in the coming months.

The Xolo Chromebook sports an 11.6 inch TFT Display (1366 x768p) . It is powered by a 1.8GHz Cortex A17 Rockchip quadcore processor and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Talking about the storage , its 16 GB internal out of which 9.6 GB would be available to the user and also contains a memory card slot for expansion. It has 2 USB 2.0 ports , 1 HDMI port , 1MP web Camera and Bluetooth 4.0. The Laptop has a 4200 mAh Battery and oofers a back up of 8-10 hs.

The Nexian Air Chromebook also supports the same configuration.It has  11.6 inch TFT Display (1366 x768p) . It is powered by a 1.8GHz Cortex A17 Rockchip quadcore processor and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Talking about the storage , its 16 GB internal out of which 9.6 GB would be available to the user and also contains a memory card slot for expansion. It has 2 USB 2.0 ports , 1 HDMI port , 1MP web Camera and Bluetooth 4.0. The Laptop has a 4200 mAh Battery and oofers a back up of 8-10 hs. Apart from that it is splash proof and comes with a handle.

It seems Google is also very keen in occupying Indian market as the Chinese Companies are doing. Google has also announced the availability of Chromebooks for Indian Schools and Educational institutions nationally. These Chromebooks contains Google Apps for education  which according to Google makes it easy to create , learn and collaborate. Google also offers Management consoles through which administrators can manage and set up thousands of Chromebooks through  a computer or Phone for students.
Google is also interested in spread its Chromebook use in Business class. It also announced Chromebooks for Business and meetings. Google Chromebox for meetings  bring together Hangouts , Google Apps and Chromebox  making it simple and affordable for any company to have high definition video meetings , as per the company. Chromebox has been priced at Rs 90,000.
Thus ,  it seems Google is trying different stuffs with affordability to compete the fast rising Chinese companies.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Windows 10 is " The last version of Windows , " says Microsoft...!!

Windows has been the most popular and most used Computer Operating System since 1990's .Microsoft already  has created a great buzz about Windows 10 , latest version of Windows to be released this summer. Now Microsoft announces that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows .
Microsoft 's developer Jerry Nixon at the ignite Tech Conference said , " Right now we are releasing Windows 10 , and Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows , we are all still working on Windows 10 ,".
It seems Microsoft would be following Apple's approach  , instead of releasing entirely new and different versions of its desktop OS  every few years It would be standardizing Windows 10 and deliver regular improvements to Windows through software updates.

"Windows will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner , with continuous values for our consumers and business customers ,"explained Microsoft in its full statement to Verge. " We aren't speaking to the future branding at this time , but customers can be confident Windows 10 will remain up-to date and power a variety of devices from PC;s to phones to Surface Hubs to HoloLens  and X-Box. We look forward to long future of Windows innovations.

Extract the marketing speak and what the future appears to is "Windows "- no version , just "Windows".
This will be a single , homogeneous entity powering all hardware Microsoft has and delivering and on going stream of updates. These updates may technically carry code numbers or names , but they won't be heavily flagged and most users will simply see themselves as running "Windows"- a platform which is always the latest software Microsoft has to offer . This means no more XP  , 7, 8 ,8.1 or 10 and maybe the software which runs IOS and Android Apps.
We could just wait and see what Microsoft really does after Windows 10 but it seems they would be following Apple's approach.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Google's " Handwriting Input App " lets you hand write your messages on Android with or without Internet..!!

Google has released a " Handwriting Input App " that will let you write on screen instead of tying on it and would replace your phone's keyboard. A new idea by Google and will surely help persons that are new to smartphones or have problem in typing.
The exciting thing is that this newly launched Google Input method supports 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts. Another great thing about the App is that it recognizes various writing styles as well as cursive writing .Users can also input methods with styles or they can use their fingers. Another fun feature added is that Emojis which users can draw directly. Also it works with or without Internet which could be a great feature to increase its usability.

This idea of converting handwritten to text feature was available in early 2012 where it worked with Internet connection only and was limited to Google search. Google has worked a  lot on it and redefined it functionality  extending languages it supports and many other features.
Currently this app available for Android tablets and phones running on Android 4.0.3 or above.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Microsoft will let you upgrade to Windows 10 even if you run a pirated version...!!

As Microsoft had already announced that they would be giving free Windows 10 upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Now the company has again announced adding to the same that upgrade would be extended even to those with illegal version of the software- at least in China.
Terry Myerson , the head of the Microsoft's operating System division announced the same today at the WinHEC conference in Shezhen ,China  , He said , " We are upgrading all qualified PC's , genuine and non genuine , to Windows 10." 

But it is not clear whether they would be offering the upgrades to software pirates everywhere or only in China. Microsoft has taken this step because more then 75% of the users in China use pirated Windows. Microsoft is keen to boost legitimate use of Microsoft "s software in China.
According to Verge , in some regions in the world Microsoft may be trying to avoid the problem of customers buying computers with pirated version of Windows pre-installed.
Myserson also added that the goal was to ," reengage" with these millions of Chinese users , though he didn't elaborate on a plan to do so beyond giving them free software. 
Microsoft with continuous announcements after regular intervals and every time it adds new news  and has created great Hipe and curiosity of users is increasing day by day in wait for Windows 10.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Google officially announces Android 5.1 , Supports HD Voice and Multiple Sim. Rolling Out Soon..!!

Google officially announced Android Lollipop  5.1 that includes a number of bug fixes and a few small changes to the operating system. The update would surely improve the current Android 5.0.

"Today we are rolling out Android Lollipop 5.1 - an update that improves the stability and performance and offers new features like support for multiple sim cards , Device Protection and high Definition (HD) voice on compatible phones ," said Google in an official blog post.

"Get crystal clear calling with HD voice between compatible Android 5.1 devices like the Nexus 6 on T-mobile or Verizon," said Google.

The most important and new feature rolling out would increase your Device Protection. This feature is an answer to Apple's Activation Lock . The feature is essentially designed to make your stolen phone useless for whoever stoles it.
"With this new feature your lost or stolen Phone will remain unlocked until you sign in with your Google Account-even if someone has reset your Phone to factory setting," continued Google in its blog post. " This feature will be available on most Android Devices with Android 5.1 in addition to Nexus 6 and Nexus 9."

The Update will be rolling it in next few weeks in first in Nexus devices especially in Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 and will be followed by Google Play edition users like Motorola's stock Android devices .

Saturday, 21 February 2015

ICCI launches" Pockets" Mobile Wallet App for Android Users.....Digital Banking Even through non - ICCI Bank Account....!!

                   Yes , You heard it right. ICCI Bank  has launched a new Mobile Wallet App "Pockets" that allows you to send or request money to any email id , mobile number , friends on Facebook and bank Account. The amazing part is that for these you can use any Bank Account (AXIS , HDFC , SBI etc) for your transaction. You are not forced for having an ICCI bank Account to use this App. The App is available on Google PlayStore for free.

The wallet uses a Virtual Visa card which enables users to do transaction to any website or mobile application in India. Customers can even request for a physical card to use at any retail outlet. The App is packed with lot of features you can use. you can book movie tickets , pay bills , send gifts  and split expenses with friends. Another new features that gains attension is that you can add friends to favourites and send  , request money from them , recharge their mobile plans and also send them gifts.You can also add a zero balance savings account  to the wallet , which would allow you to earn interest on your idle money. But for that you need a ICCI bank account.

Commenting on the launch , Chanda Kochhar , MD & CEO , ICCI Bank said , "Today's youth wants everything instantly , on the go. 'Pockets' addresses this need by allowing anyone to open an account on their mobile phone in an instant and start transacting immediately . We believe that 'Pockets' will help to shape the future of digital payments in the country . We at ICCI Bank , will continue to focus on innovations in Technology to offer unique propositions that are simple , fast and convenient."
Surely ICCI Bank takes a step forward to Digital India and People have started to learn these kinds of new features that they can perform from their mobile Phones.

You can even reach for their official Website with the link provided below

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Now you can send larger files through Whatsapp even Movies...!!

In the present scenario users could only send files upto 16 MB through Whatsapp but now they could send larger files even movies. The problem is fixed via a separate Application named Whatsapp Video Optimizer .

Basically what this Application does is that it compresses the video file , reduces the resolution or quality of the your video until it becomes to size acceptable to send via Whatsapp.
But the sad part is that at present this Application is only available on Windows Platform but surely would be available for Android users soon. This new feature is very easy to use and comes with options such as :
-   Convert single or multiple videos at once
-   Share video directly on Whatsapp after conversation
-   Record video directly from the app
-   Option to choose the encoding speed
-   Sufficient video conversation speed

It seems Whatsapp is working at the features that its other competitors like We Chat  , Hike , Line etc provide. But the fact is Whatsapp was always ahead in this game and it is making improvements in every aspect to maintain that spot. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Free Voice Calling feature finally comes to Whatsapp....Presently in Beta state...!!

Whatsapp finally started rolling out free voice calling feature to users in India , its second biggest user base after America. Other messaging apps such as We Chat and Line already gave that feature. Even Indian chatting app Hike had also announced the same feature last month. , Whatsapp still remains the most popular messaging  app among users across the world.
The thing to know is that ,  at present whatsapp is providing the free voice calling feature only on invite system basis , seems the whatsapp still wants to to test this new feature before giving everyone the access.

 The revelation comes from  a reader  on Reddit titled , "Whatsapp introduces and started rolling out free calling feature" submitted on 31 January under username pradnesh07. He also gave some screen shots of the new updated UI. He further added that the new calling feature is limited to "invite-users" only. He told that people can download the app from its website and not from playstore or any other versions circulated. He also said that , " the guy who sent me the invite confirmed that  it  works on other ROMS and othe OS  and in other countries. I am not sure about how the invite thing works as yet."
He also made a quick video and asked users to share it instead of bugging  him to send an invite as he himself doesn't knows how the invite system exactly  works. However , another person on the discussion said that , " I tried sending the call request  , the call went through but they aren't getting the new UI. Can some on Lollipop can confirm me that whether it works only on Lollipop right now ? Because i am not able to pin point this issue. Its not region locked either , tried with few Indians."

Whatapp seems to confuse the users , whether this new feature would be only invite based or only Lollipop updated phones could only use this new feature, Even the users who got invites are not able to understand this invite system. Hope so the company completes its testing with its beta version and gives answers to users and access to this useful new feature.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

WhatsApp takes the next step - now available on your desktop.

       Yes now Whatsapp users can chart and send messages through your desktop browser.

Whatsapp , the chat app that doesn't need an introduction is now officially available on your Chrome Browser. This popular messaging application , acquired by Facebook last year has taken a step further and has unveiled a new service for sending messages from a web browser.  This desktop client service is named as Whatsapp Web and currently available only on Google Chrome Browser.

Whatsapp further added that this service will be a mirror and would require an internet connected phone. The Company further says that "Our web client is just an extension of your phone : the web browser mirrors conversations and messages  from your phone -means all your messages still live on your phone.".  This service would not be available on iPhone users " due to  Apple's platform limitation. The iPhone users would surely hate that as this is great feature.

You can use this service through your Chrome Browser on your desktop and go to . the website would display you QR code which users need to scan to start messaging . To scan QR code on the website with your phone , follow the  simple steps :
-  first make your your whatsapp app on your phone is updated.
-  make sure you have opened

-  Open the app and on the right corner button choose whatsapp web  .

-  now just take your phone in front of your desktop screen and within a second you can see your      
    whatsapp on your on desktop .
-  Enjoy messaging on desktop.

Whatsapp is also planning to launch voice calling soon. The company is also working on a new Driving mode  and call via skype feature. This great addition of new useful  features to the app surely makes it best current chat app available.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

YotaPhone 2..The Phone With Two Fronts.!! Simply Great innovation....!! Technology at at its best...!!

                               Yes you read it right..!! YOTAPHONE  with Two Fronts.

For those who don't know about YotaPhone , the Russian mobile company named Yota   changed the scenario of smartphones or could be said have taken smartphones a step forward with the launch of Phone with two fronts.  Simply an example of technology innovation. Last year the company came up with the their YotaPhone , first Phone in world with two fronts. This year company has come with  YotaPhone 2 , the enhanced version of YotaPhone 1.

Talking about the phone  and starting with the screens , the x-factor of this device that makes it different from other smartphones available in the market. On the front YotaPhone 2 is 5 inch , 1080 AMOLED touchscreen , and on the rear end its a 4.7 inch , e-paper display with a 960 X 540 pixel Resolution.  Now a question arises about battery backup the phone gives . Actually on the contradiction , the combination of two screens actually helps to preserve the battery life , due to e-paper display only drawing power when it refreshes.

Apart from the two screens , talking about the other specs of the phone , the phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with a combination of 2  GB RAM . It also includes  802.11 ac WiFi  and Bluetooth 4.0. Now talking about the battery , its a wirelessly charged 2500 mAh battery packed inside the 9 mm thick phone. It depends upon one's use , the e-paper display screen could save a lot of power especially when you read e-books on the phone.

When it comes to storage , the phone is packed with 32 GB internal storage which could not be increased with micro SD card. The phone comes with 4G LTE connectivity ,  NFC and some other few features that could be used using the two screens. The comes with 4.4 Android Kitkat , no news about it's update about update to lollipop.

The camera is 8 megapixel  rear camera with a LED Flash and autofocus fitted to YotaPhone's  newest phone , plus a 2.1 megapixel front camera. Here's the place where one benefit of 2nd screen comes apart from reading , that you can take a selfie using 2 nd screen with rear 8 megapixel camera.

At last talking about what's new in YotaPhone 2 that makes it  different from YotaPhone 1 , is the 2nd rear screen. The rear screen is now touch controlled , rather then awkward touch panel used before. Now Gorilla Glass 3 is used that gives improved feel and protection.The Phone would be priced at about Rs 53 Thousand in India and would be available soon.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The charger that full charge your SmartPhone in less then 2 minutes , the same time it takes you to cook meggie noodles.

Yes , you heard it right . This has been made possible. Your SmartPhone can now get a full charge in just 2 Minutes , the same time taken by you to cook your maggie noodles. The nano tech company behind this success is Israel's StarDot. The company has build a new prototype that is smaller and doesn't add bulk to the smartphone.

The Stardot CEO , Doron  Myersdorf  says that this was made possible because the company took a completely different approach while creating its battery. He further added that rather then trying to increase the capacity of the battery itself , the company redesigned the company redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it charge rapidly.
"This is not trivial , it took us a lot of research ," Myderdorf said." This is a design that is trying to achieve  something that was not the goal before.  "Nobody thought about giving you less energy , everybody thought you of giving more energy." , well said by Myderdorf.
There are some limitations as well. The battery is more expensive than typical batteries and Myderdorf anticipates that the battery would add about $50 to the cost of the phone. And though StoreDot has made prototypes based on the handsets currently available in the market , but the smartphone companies have to make some modifications to their devices to accommodate these batteries. Thus means it would be up to the companies for the use of these batteries.

The current goal of the Myderdorf , CEO of StarDot is to have these batteries in hands of consumers by 2017. The Company is already in talks with my many smartphone companies along with many automobile companies for further development of this technology and licencing and all that stuff. The Company well utilized the platform of  CES 2015 to dislay its product and has achieved a great hike.

 The company 's major eye is on electric vehicles as a big opportunity  to expand in electric vehicles that would increase dependency on electric  vehicles rather then fueled vehicles.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

HIKE messenger app buys Zip Phone to offer internet calls

HIKE messenger app owned by a joint venture of  Sunil Mittal's Bharti Enterprises and Japan's softbank. has now acquired a US based company ZipPhone that allows users to make and receive calls over Internet. Presently HIKE has above 35 million users and are growing day by day as the app seems to be so user friendly. The company has not disclosed the transaction amount of the acquisition.
The acquisition , first by the company run by Mittal's son Kavin , will put HIKE in direct competition with Facebook owned messenger and Whatsapp , as well as other messeging and calling apps such as Line , WeChat , Viber and Skype. Hike earlier provides only messenging services where users could exchanged texts and images . built in stickers via internet on smartphones.

"Zip Phone's technology will allow us to bring free voice calling to the market much faster . Incidentally this is the top requested features from our users as well ," said by Kavin Bharti Mittal , founder and CEO , in a statement.
Zip Phone actually is a one man start up founded by Anuj Jain in US , is a voice calling app that works globally.Interestingly , the company was also part of Y Combinator list  Summer  Batch(2014).

"As a start-up enthusiastic , I had been keeping a close eye on HIKE and its developments  and now I am excited to be a part of one of the Biggest and fastest growing startups in the Indian Internet space and finally building for India," Jain said.

It seems now the company is on the right way to give a great competition to its biggest competitor Whatsapp along with other chat and calling apps like Line , WeChat, Viber etc. It's also the time when whatsapp is also about to launch voice calling via internet on its app . It would be interesting to see how many new features  Hike would give on its app in future and this acquisition could prove to be a great success.