Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The charger that full charge your SmartPhone in less then 2 minutes , the same time it takes you to cook meggie noodles.

Yes , you heard it right . This has been made possible. Your SmartPhone can now get a full charge in just 2 Minutes , the same time taken by you to cook your maggie noodles. The nano tech company behind this success is Israel's StarDot. The company has build a new prototype that is smaller and doesn't add bulk to the smartphone.

The Stardot CEO , Doron  Myersdorf  says that this was made possible because the company took a completely different approach while creating its battery. He further added that rather then trying to increase the capacity of the battery itself , the company redesigned the company redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it charge rapidly.
"This is not trivial , it took us a lot of research ," Myderdorf said." This is a design that is trying to achieve  something that was not the goal before.  "Nobody thought about giving you less energy , everybody thought you of giving more energy." , well said by Myderdorf.
There are some limitations as well. The battery is more expensive than typical batteries and Myderdorf anticipates that the battery would add about $50 to the cost of the phone. And though StoreDot has made prototypes based on the handsets currently available in the market , but the smartphone companies have to make some modifications to their devices to accommodate these batteries. Thus means it would be up to the companies for the use of these batteries.

The current goal of the Myderdorf , CEO of StarDot is to have these batteries in hands of consumers by 2017. The Company is already in talks with my many smartphone companies along with many automobile companies for further development of this technology and licencing and all that stuff. The Company well utilized the platform of  CES 2015 to dislay its product and has achieved a great hike.

 The company 's major eye is on electric vehicles as a big opportunity  to expand in electric vehicles that would increase dependency on electric  vehicles rather then fueled vehicles.

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