Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Windows 9 skipped , Windows 10 unveiled....

Microsoft today unveiled their new version of Windows which they decided to call as Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. Last year Windows released their Windows current running version Windows 8 which faced a lot of criticism . According to  The  Verge Microsoft has designed their new Windows in such a way that it runs on all devices which includes laptops, mobiles and Tablets in same fashion. Microsoft says their will be "one product family" , "one platform" and " one store " for all devices running on Windows 10.

As expected Windows will be back with Start Menu that provide shortcuts to all applications as in Windows 7 but in colors of Windows 8.Also like Windows 8 and windows Phone , users will able to tweak the size of tiles presented in Start Menu. Also like Windows Phone , the start Menu will offer universal search function.

Another feature runs in is "continuum" feature of two -in -one devices, one might serve as a Tablet and as a laptop will keyboard and mouse. This feature allows Windows to adjust itself whether the users uses touch input or keyboard and mouse instead.Also Microsoft has added a snap-menu function to allow users to quickly shift between applications.

Microsoft has targeted enterprise market , where companies can deploy not just a phone but perhaps another device like a laptop or tablet , out in the field to employees . Thus all their devices could be managed from one place only. Thus seems Microsoft has came back strongly after Windows 8 flop , rest Time will tell..

Good Bye Orkut......!! End comes Today...!!

Google's first social network is shutting down today. Google announced Orkuts end 3 months back and the time span ends today. Now Google to focus on its other social initiatives like YouTube , Blogger , Google+ etc. Orkut was launched 10 years back but getting a great hipe in start could not maintain it over the years.The biggest competition came in its way was Facebook that decayed Orkuts popularity graph and forced Google to close it services.

 Google has used their Google+ less as  a social networking site in competition to Facebook rather uses it as means to establish  a unified " user identity" system to improve Google's various web properties. Google began requiring users of its You tube to sign in with their Google + identity before posting comments about their videos.

 After Orkut shuts down you would not be able to import your photos to Google+ and no games would be available and public communities would be saved in a publicity view able Community Archive.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Microsoft to follow Apple's path....YES OR NO ?

The world excited for Windows 9 unveiling on  Tuesday, a news comes in is  that  Microsoft may give upgrade to existing Windows 8 users. Thus Microsoft may have decided to follow Apple's path and give update to users. A report from Indonesian online publication"Detik" said earlier this week that President of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro has confirmed this particular update.
Microsoft is interested in moving people to new  as it has already stopped giving any support system to Windows XP and even  announced Windows 7 end. So it would be interesting whether Microsoft will give some special offers to current Windows XP & Windows 7 users. Time will show whether Microsoft is able follow their words.

Recent leaks of the new Windows have revealed some exciting features coming in including return of start menu, the Cortana voice based search assistant currently available in Windows Phone , support for multiple desktops , the notification center and several other UI enhancements. Watch out for unveiling new Windows coming in this Tuesday.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Motorola Moto G(2nd gen) receives software update with Google now Launcher

Motorola released new software update for Moto G (2nd gen) which adds Google now launcher.The software update with system version 21.11.23 is 120 Mb in size. Previously Google had given this feature in Nexus 5.

With this new update provided by Motorola in Moto G(2nd gen) , users can simply access Google now launcher in Moto g (2nd gen) by simply swiping to right of the primary Home-screen. They can also use "OK GOOGLE" voice command to activate Google now . With the new update Motorola has even resolved few bugs in the performance of the phone. Even the touch sensitivity has also improved in the smartphone with the new system update.
The smartphone is available in India at a price tag of Rs 12999 exclusively on flipkart.The phone comes with 5 inch IPS display with corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection , 1.2 Ghz qualcom snapdragon 400 processor, 1 GB RAM , 16 GB expandable memory , 8 mega-pixel rear camera ,2 mega-pixel front camera and 2070 mAh battery, Thus it is the best smartphone in this price segment which will always be blessed by Google with latest updates.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Microsoft expecting success with their revitalized Windows 9

Microsoft is hoping to bring back users and businesses alienated by Windows 8. It would be unveiling their next version of  Windows with a new name  on 30th of this month. Microsoft is expecting it to be a great  success after disappointment from Windows 8.

The company hopes newer Windows will help to improve sales of businesses , people who have discarded Windows 8 with their Tiles functionality and preferred using Windows 7 and XP.
Many users had protested the death of Start menu and introduction to Tiles representing Apps.
Recent leaked images indicate that Start Menu would be back in this newer version of windows.
The Windows 8.1 update although brought back Start Menu but it only took tiled Start screen.
Microsoft under Satya Nadella is keen to bring back its respect in Silicon valley as it moves away from PCs toward a larger role in mobile computing with Apple and Google.
Microsoft is launching newer version of Windows with a different , hoping a new start after disappointment by windows 8. Thus a newer version is expected to be a Windows 7 in colorful Tiles mode of Windows 8.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

QWERTY Keyboard Back with BlackBerry's New Square Screen Passport


Blackberry   unveiled their new Smartphone Passport on Wednesday in Toronto. So Blackberry back with their Qwerty Keypads for which they were once loved for.

Besides the physical keyboard, the phone comes with 4.5 by 4.5 inch square display which has 443 PPI . With Blackberry Passport company claims 30 hours of Battery life . The company clearly targets Business users which have been company's Bread and butter over the years. Blackberry adds a new feature of Blackberry Assistant which will be a kind of Personal Assistant for Work.
Another major feature the Passport comes with is a much louder speakers which is claimed to be 350 times louder than any Samsung S5 which could be useful in Conference hall.

When it comes to camera, its a 13- megapixel rear facing Camera. The phone has 32 GB  of storage , 3GB of RAM , a much improved BlackBerry 10.3 , 3450 mAh  battery and 2.2 GHz Quad-core  Processor. Passports major compition would be Iphone 6.
The phone is priced at $249 with a two year contract and $599 unlocked. It would a fun to watch whether company can stick to the price or not. Everyone still remembers their z10 price reductions.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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