Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Good Bye Orkut......!! End comes Today...!!

Google's first social network is shutting down today. Google announced Orkuts end 3 months back and the time span ends today. Now Google to focus on its other social initiatives like YouTube , Blogger , Google+ etc. Orkut was launched 10 years back but getting a great hipe in start could not maintain it over the years.The biggest competition came in its way was Facebook that decayed Orkuts popularity graph and forced Google to close it services.

 Google has used their Google+ less as  a social networking site in competition to Facebook rather uses it as means to establish  a unified " user identity" system to improve Google's various web properties. Google began requiring users of its You tube to sign in with their Google + identity before posting comments about their videos.

 After Orkut shuts down you would not be able to import your photos to Google+ and no games would be available and public communities would be saved in a publicity view able Community Archive.

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