Saturday, 30 July 2016

Snapdeal App can be used to book a Uber now !! Get 150 off on first Uber ride and 50 cashback on rest rides.

Snapdeal , one of the biggest e-Commerce company in India now also offers an option to book an uber on Snapdeal App. Snapdeal now trying its luck on everything now.

Snapdeal last year acquired Freecharge , a utility bill payments and mobile wallet service provider , for a huge $400 million which is one of the biggest acquisition in Indian consumer Internet history  Snapdeal has also entered into a partnership with Cleartrip , Redbus , Zomato , Urbancap offering its customers to book a flight , bus , hotel and even order food. Now also one can book an uber.  Simply means Snapdeal wants to provide its customers an overall experience. Just think of it as you need to travel to some other place , book a flight or bus as needed and then book a hotel and then  a cab to reach to hotel and you can even order food . All this can be done through a single App only.  Snapdeal seems to have  realized the intensifying competition and is also forcing other players to enter into a partnerships for trading their products and services on each other's platform. 

Recently in US , Uber also tied up with Facebook , where it allowed messenger users to book their cabs through messenger App only. Google in India also updated google  Maps App which allowed users to see nearest Ola and Uber cabs available. It would be now interesting to see whether the other big e-commerce companies like Flipkart , Amazon , Paytm comes with some similar options.
Snapdeal is also offering a discount of Rs 150 on your first ever Uber ride and Rs 50 cashback on all subsequent rides.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Prisma will soon come with video editing option

The App that is making the world go crazy since its launch last month  Prisma , will soon be offering video editing feature. Prisma , the smart filter App that was  launched in June this year on iOS and  even now  available on Google Plays store will be offering video editing feature as announced by Prisma co-founder Alexei Moiseenkova

So what is the App all about that is making the world crazy.Actually the App uses the Artificial Intelligence Algorithms  to turn your photographs into various styles of art using any one of the 30 available artistic styles . The App is very easy to use and lets you post your artistic photos on social media like Facebook , Instagram etc.

Presently , video editing in the similar manner is not supported by the App but the company has promised it soon. After which you could apply changes to your videos also and feel yourself belonging to a different world. Company speaking to Bloomberg , said that they are working on a tool that would allow users to apply the same artsy effects on short video clips  and update would be rolled out in coming few weeks.

Adding this feature will make Prisma standout amongst  other photo editor Apps like Google 's Snapseed , Photo Editor  Pro , Adobe Photoshop Express. Well , it would be interesting to see whether company would be able to keep its promises or not and maintain its reputation earned for a long time.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Don't wait for Salary , Money Needed ? Borrow from CASHe App!!

YES !! CASHe App allows you to borrow money from it.

 Generally these days  employees feel  that month is not coming to an end but the Bank Balance does and they eagerly wait for 1st when salary will come and absorb their worries. Now no worries when you immediately need money and salary is too far. CASHe  allows you to borrow 5000 to 50000  in Indian Rupees .It mainly targets young professionals and salaried class.The personal loan is credited within minutes and registration requires minimum documentation.

 You have to repay the loan within 15 days at an interest rate of 1.5% on the money you borrow after which an additional interest rate of 1% will follow.  Now the amount of loan you can get depends upon your current salary i.e. up to 40% of their  monthly salary.Now How to register. To register, you would need a Facebook or LinkedIn account. The next step includes filling in basic details and uploading your identity proof such as PAN card and AADHAR along with your latest salary slip. You will be then asked to fill your bank details and upload a picture to complete the registration process. Once registered, your eligibility is confirmed within two hours along with the amount you can borrow. The eligibility is calculated using several equations, that also depends on Social Loan Quotient. SLQ mines the borrowers’ social network and requests basic documentation to arrive at the SLQ and a loan eligibility amount. CASHe uses multiple data points to arrive at a credit profile for every customer using SLQ as one of the key data points.You can apply for multiple loans from the eligible amount, provided none of the existing loans are older than 15 days.

Surely the technology taking human problems to next level where you can get a loan within minutes , Can't be as easy as this and what is interesting is the  unique way of identifying people by accessing their social accounts.