Thursday, 22 January 2015

WhatsApp takes the next step - now available on your desktop.

       Yes now Whatsapp users can chart and send messages through your desktop browser.

Whatsapp , the chat app that doesn't need an introduction is now officially available on your Chrome Browser. This popular messaging application , acquired by Facebook last year has taken a step further and has unveiled a new service for sending messages from a web browser.  This desktop client service is named as Whatsapp Web and currently available only on Google Chrome Browser.

Whatsapp further added that this service will be a mirror and would require an internet connected phone. The Company further says that "Our web client is just an extension of your phone : the web browser mirrors conversations and messages  from your phone -means all your messages still live on your phone.".  This service would not be available on iPhone users " due to  Apple's platform limitation. The iPhone users would surely hate that as this is great feature.

You can use this service through your Chrome Browser on your desktop and go to . the website would display you QR code which users need to scan to start messaging . To scan QR code on the website with your phone , follow the  simple steps :
-  first make your your whatsapp app on your phone is updated.
-  make sure you have opened

-  Open the app and on the right corner button choose whatsapp web  .

-  now just take your phone in front of your desktop screen and within a second you can see your      
    whatsapp on your on desktop .
-  Enjoy messaging on desktop.

Whatsapp is also planning to launch voice calling soon. The company is also working on a new Driving mode  and call via skype feature. This great addition of new useful  features to the app surely makes it best current chat app available.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

YotaPhone 2..The Phone With Two Fronts.!! Simply Great innovation....!! Technology at at its best...!!

                               Yes you read it right..!! YOTAPHONE  with Two Fronts.

For those who don't know about YotaPhone , the Russian mobile company named Yota   changed the scenario of smartphones or could be said have taken smartphones a step forward with the launch of Phone with two fronts.  Simply an example of technology innovation. Last year the company came up with the their YotaPhone , first Phone in world with two fronts. This year company has come with  YotaPhone 2 , the enhanced version of YotaPhone 1.

Talking about the phone  and starting with the screens , the x-factor of this device that makes it different from other smartphones available in the market. On the front YotaPhone 2 is 5 inch , 1080 AMOLED touchscreen , and on the rear end its a 4.7 inch , e-paper display with a 960 X 540 pixel Resolution.  Now a question arises about battery backup the phone gives . Actually on the contradiction , the combination of two screens actually helps to preserve the battery life , due to e-paper display only drawing power when it refreshes.

Apart from the two screens , talking about the other specs of the phone , the phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with a combination of 2  GB RAM . It also includes  802.11 ac WiFi  and Bluetooth 4.0. Now talking about the battery , its a wirelessly charged 2500 mAh battery packed inside the 9 mm thick phone. It depends upon one's use , the e-paper display screen could save a lot of power especially when you read e-books on the phone.

When it comes to storage , the phone is packed with 32 GB internal storage which could not be increased with micro SD card. The phone comes with 4G LTE connectivity ,  NFC and some other few features that could be used using the two screens. The comes with 4.4 Android Kitkat , no news about it's update about update to lollipop.

The camera is 8 megapixel  rear camera with a LED Flash and autofocus fitted to YotaPhone's  newest phone , plus a 2.1 megapixel front camera. Here's the place where one benefit of 2nd screen comes apart from reading , that you can take a selfie using 2 nd screen with rear 8 megapixel camera.

At last talking about what's new in YotaPhone 2 that makes it  different from YotaPhone 1 , is the 2nd rear screen. The rear screen is now touch controlled , rather then awkward touch panel used before. Now Gorilla Glass 3 is used that gives improved feel and protection.The Phone would be priced at about Rs 53 Thousand in India and would be available soon.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The charger that full charge your SmartPhone in less then 2 minutes , the same time it takes you to cook meggie noodles.

Yes , you heard it right . This has been made possible. Your SmartPhone can now get a full charge in just 2 Minutes , the same time taken by you to cook your maggie noodles. The nano tech company behind this success is Israel's StarDot. The company has build a new prototype that is smaller and doesn't add bulk to the smartphone.

The Stardot CEO , Doron  Myersdorf  says that this was made possible because the company took a completely different approach while creating its battery. He further added that rather then trying to increase the capacity of the battery itself , the company redesigned the company redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it charge rapidly.
"This is not trivial , it took us a lot of research ," Myderdorf said." This is a design that is trying to achieve  something that was not the goal before.  "Nobody thought about giving you less energy , everybody thought you of giving more energy." , well said by Myderdorf.
There are some limitations as well. The battery is more expensive than typical batteries and Myderdorf anticipates that the battery would add about $50 to the cost of the phone. And though StoreDot has made prototypes based on the handsets currently available in the market , but the smartphone companies have to make some modifications to their devices to accommodate these batteries. Thus means it would be up to the companies for the use of these batteries.

The current goal of the Myderdorf , CEO of StarDot is to have these batteries in hands of consumers by 2017. The Company is already in talks with my many smartphone companies along with many automobile companies for further development of this technology and licencing and all that stuff. The Company well utilized the platform of  CES 2015 to dislay its product and has achieved a great hike.

 The company 's major eye is on electric vehicles as a big opportunity  to expand in electric vehicles that would increase dependency on electric  vehicles rather then fueled vehicles.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

HIKE messenger app buys Zip Phone to offer internet calls

HIKE messenger app owned by a joint venture of  Sunil Mittal's Bharti Enterprises and Japan's softbank. has now acquired a US based company ZipPhone that allows users to make and receive calls over Internet. Presently HIKE has above 35 million users and are growing day by day as the app seems to be so user friendly. The company has not disclosed the transaction amount of the acquisition.
The acquisition , first by the company run by Mittal's son Kavin , will put HIKE in direct competition with Facebook owned messenger and Whatsapp , as well as other messeging and calling apps such as Line , WeChat , Viber and Skype. Hike earlier provides only messenging services where users could exchanged texts and images . built in stickers via internet on smartphones.

"Zip Phone's technology will allow us to bring free voice calling to the market much faster . Incidentally this is the top requested features from our users as well ," said by Kavin Bharti Mittal , founder and CEO , in a statement.
Zip Phone actually is a one man start up founded by Anuj Jain in US , is a voice calling app that works globally.Interestingly , the company was also part of Y Combinator list  Summer  Batch(2014).

"As a start-up enthusiastic , I had been keeping a close eye on HIKE and its developments  and now I am excited to be a part of one of the Biggest and fastest growing startups in the Indian Internet space and finally building for India," Jain said.

It seems now the company is on the right way to give a great competition to its biggest competitor Whatsapp along with other chat and calling apps like Line , WeChat, Viber etc. It's also the time when whatsapp is also about to launch voice calling via internet on its app . It would be interesting to see how many new features  Hike would give on its app in future and this acquisition could prove to be a great success.