Sunday, 18 January 2015

YotaPhone 2..The Phone With Two Fronts.!! Simply Great innovation....!! Technology at at its best...!!

                               Yes you read it right..!! YOTAPHONE  with Two Fronts.

For those who don't know about YotaPhone , the Russian mobile company named Yota   changed the scenario of smartphones or could be said have taken smartphones a step forward with the launch of Phone with two fronts.  Simply an example of technology innovation. Last year the company came up with the their YotaPhone , first Phone in world with two fronts. This year company has come with  YotaPhone 2 , the enhanced version of YotaPhone 1.

Talking about the phone  and starting with the screens , the x-factor of this device that makes it different from other smartphones available in the market. On the front YotaPhone 2 is 5 inch , 1080 AMOLED touchscreen , and on the rear end its a 4.7 inch , e-paper display with a 960 X 540 pixel Resolution.  Now a question arises about battery backup the phone gives . Actually on the contradiction , the combination of two screens actually helps to preserve the battery life , due to e-paper display only drawing power when it refreshes.

Apart from the two screens , talking about the other specs of the phone , the phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with a combination of 2  GB RAM . It also includes  802.11 ac WiFi  and Bluetooth 4.0. Now talking about the battery , its a wirelessly charged 2500 mAh battery packed inside the 9 mm thick phone. It depends upon one's use , the e-paper display screen could save a lot of power especially when you read e-books on the phone.

When it comes to storage , the phone is packed with 32 GB internal storage which could not be increased with micro SD card. The phone comes with 4G LTE connectivity ,  NFC and some other few features that could be used using the two screens. The comes with 4.4 Android Kitkat , no news about it's update about update to lollipop.

The camera is 8 megapixel  rear camera with a LED Flash and autofocus fitted to YotaPhone's  newest phone , plus a 2.1 megapixel front camera. Here's the place where one benefit of 2nd screen comes apart from reading , that you can take a selfie using 2 nd screen with rear 8 megapixel camera.

At last talking about what's new in YotaPhone 2 that makes it  different from YotaPhone 1 , is the 2nd rear screen. The rear screen is now touch controlled , rather then awkward touch panel used before. Now Gorilla Glass 3 is used that gives improved feel and protection.The Phone would be priced at about Rs 53 Thousand in India and would be available soon.

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