Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Windows 9 skipped , Windows 10 unveiled....

Microsoft today unveiled their new version of Windows which they decided to call as Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. Last year Windows released their Windows current running version Windows 8 which faced a lot of criticism . According to  The  Verge Microsoft has designed their new Windows in such a way that it runs on all devices which includes laptops, mobiles and Tablets in same fashion. Microsoft says their will be "one product family" , "one platform" and " one store " for all devices running on Windows 10.

As expected Windows will be back with Start Menu that provide shortcuts to all applications as in Windows 7 but in colors of Windows 8.Also like Windows 8 and windows Phone , users will able to tweak the size of tiles presented in Start Menu. Also like Windows Phone , the start Menu will offer universal search function.

Another feature runs in is "continuum" feature of two -in -one devices, one might serve as a Tablet and as a laptop will keyboard and mouse. This feature allows Windows to adjust itself whether the users uses touch input or keyboard and mouse instead.Also Microsoft has added a snap-menu function to allow users to quickly shift between applications.

Microsoft has targeted enterprise market , where companies can deploy not just a phone but perhaps another device like a laptop or tablet , out in the field to employees . Thus all their devices could be managed from one place only. Thus seems Microsoft has came back strongly after Windows 8 flop , rest Time will tell..

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