Friday, 26 September 2014

Microsoft expecting success with their revitalized Windows 9

Microsoft is hoping to bring back users and businesses alienated by Windows 8. It would be unveiling their next version of  Windows with a new name  on 30th of this month. Microsoft is expecting it to be a great  success after disappointment from Windows 8.

The company hopes newer Windows will help to improve sales of businesses , people who have discarded Windows 8 with their Tiles functionality and preferred using Windows 7 and XP.
Many users had protested the death of Start menu and introduction to Tiles representing Apps.
Recent leaked images indicate that Start Menu would be back in this newer version of windows.
The Windows 8.1 update although brought back Start Menu but it only took tiled Start screen.
Microsoft under Satya Nadella is keen to bring back its respect in Silicon valley as it moves away from PCs toward a larger role in mobile computing with Apple and Google.
Microsoft is launching newer version of Windows with a different , hoping a new start after disappointment by windows 8. Thus a newer version is expected to be a Windows 7 in colorful Tiles mode of Windows 8.

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