Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Now you can send larger files through Whatsapp even Movies...!!

In the present scenario users could only send files upto 16 MB through Whatsapp but now they could send larger files even movies. The problem is fixed via a separate Application named Whatsapp Video Optimizer .

Basically what this Application does is that it compresses the video file , reduces the resolution or quality of the your video until it becomes to size acceptable to send via Whatsapp.
But the sad part is that at present this Application is only available on Windows Platform but surely would be available for Android users soon. This new feature is very easy to use and comes with options such as :
-   Convert single or multiple videos at once
-   Share video directly on Whatsapp after conversation
-   Record video directly from the app
-   Option to choose the encoding speed
-   Sufficient video conversation speed

It seems Whatsapp is working at the features that its other competitors like We Chat  , Hike , Line etc provide. But the fact is Whatsapp was always ahead in this game and it is making improvements in every aspect to maintain that spot. 

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