Sunday, 1 February 2015

Free Voice Calling feature finally comes to Whatsapp....Presently in Beta state...!!

Whatsapp finally started rolling out free voice calling feature to users in India , its second biggest user base after America. Other messaging apps such as We Chat and Line already gave that feature. Even Indian chatting app Hike had also announced the same feature last month. , Whatsapp still remains the most popular messaging  app among users across the world.
The thing to know is that ,  at present whatsapp is providing the free voice calling feature only on invite system basis , seems the whatsapp still wants to to test this new feature before giving everyone the access.

 The revelation comes from  a reader  on Reddit titled , "Whatsapp introduces and started rolling out free calling feature" submitted on 31 January under username pradnesh07. He also gave some screen shots of the new updated UI. He further added that the new calling feature is limited to "invite-users" only. He told that people can download the app from its website and not from playstore or any other versions circulated. He also said that , " the guy who sent me the invite confirmed that  it  works on other ROMS and othe OS  and in other countries. I am not sure about how the invite thing works as yet."
He also made a quick video and asked users to share it instead of bugging  him to send an invite as he himself doesn't knows how the invite system exactly  works. However , another person on the discussion said that , " I tried sending the call request  , the call went through but they aren't getting the new UI. Can some on Lollipop can confirm me that whether it works only on Lollipop right now ? Because i am not able to pin point this issue. Its not region locked either , tried with few Indians."

Whatapp seems to confuse the users , whether this new feature would be only invite based or only Lollipop updated phones could only use this new feature, Even the users who got invites are not able to understand this invite system. Hope so the company completes its testing with its beta version and gives answers to users and access to this useful new feature.

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