Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Microsoft will let you upgrade to Windows 10 even if you run a pirated version...!!

As Microsoft had already announced that they would be giving free Windows 10 upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Now the company has again announced adding to the same that upgrade would be extended even to those with illegal version of the software- at least in China.
Terry Myerson , the head of the Microsoft's operating System division announced the same today at the WinHEC conference in Shezhen ,China  , He said , " We are upgrading all qualified PC's , genuine and non genuine , to Windows 10." 

But it is not clear whether they would be offering the upgrades to software pirates everywhere or only in China. Microsoft has taken this step because more then 75% of the users in China use pirated Windows. Microsoft is keen to boost legitimate use of Microsoft "s software in China.
According to Verge , in some regions in the world Microsoft may be trying to avoid the problem of customers buying computers with pirated version of Windows pre-installed.
Myserson also added that the goal was to ," reengage" with these millions of Chinese users , though he didn't elaborate on a plan to do so beyond giving them free software. 
Microsoft with continuous announcements after regular intervals and every time it adds new news  and has created great Hipe and curiosity of users is increasing day by day in wait for Windows 10.

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