Friday, 24 October 2014

Facebook Launches their new Anonymous Message Board App named "Rooms"...

                "Because sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name."

The world's biggest social media network , has launched a new ios app named "Rooms" which allows users chat within discussion boards on topics of common interest without disclosing their real names in order to allow freedom of self expression. It is an adapted version of internet "chat rooms" and operates independently of Facebook , so users do not need an account with the giant social media.

The main goal of this app is to let people communicate freely and openly from anywhere in the world . "It doesn't matter Who you are , Where you come from , What you look like and How old are you..".
This new app is designed to take interpersonal communications outside the user's usual social environment . which provides the users an opportunity  to be introduced to new ideas and viewpoints they would normally be isolated from.

In order to sign up user needs to give an email address. The app for Anonymous reasons would not connect with Facebook account. As far as privacy is concerned , the  information you post on Rooms will never be shared on Facebook Account and the information you share on Facebook will never be posted on your Rooms Account. 

The invitation process means each room can be public or private as it owners and members wish. The invite codes can be posted anywhere online or share just among a select group of people. each Room can be customized to a certain level of privacy , including whether or not room's post can be discovered on  search . Thus Facebook continues to bring  diffident people together... 

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