Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bored from Instagram ? Microsoft gives you much more with their new "Xim"....!!

Bored with Instagram ? or Don't like its limitations ?  Here comes another app from Microsoft "Xim" , a new photo sharing app , available on both on Windows and Android and would come soon on ios. But its not another Instagram , much more then that. The new  feature Microsoft added is that it permits the user to share the photos with devices that do not have "Xim" installed in it.

The app users can share their images stored on their device , on cloud storage apps including DropBox , OneDrive and social networking sites Facebook , Instagram etc. with the friends in your contact list. Another feature mentioned earlier that it can share photos with devices  that do not have "Xim" installed. What it does , is that it creates the URL of the image and shares it via text message or mail. Only one person needs to Xim for all to participate. Anyone in Xim can advance the show and zoom to see the special detail.

 Xim gives you a unique shared experience in which what they are looking at and talking about the same photo  , even when they are not in the same room together .

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