Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Battle: Android vs. IOS!! Which one you like?

While buying a new Smartphone a question always arises is “Whether to go for Android or IOS?” People also build a perception that Android being more popular is better than IOS.  But is it true? We will find out. Yes Android is more popular and mostly used Mobile Operating System. IOS takes the second spot and Windows and Blackberry users merely exist these days. One reason behind this is that Google’s Android comes with several brands in the market whereas IOS is only available with Apple devices. We will start with the ways in which ways Android is better than IOS and vice-versa.

Benefits of Android over IOS:

Starting with the most important benefit is the amount of Apps available on Google Playstore in Android as compared to IOS’s Apple store. The reason for this is that Android is an open source platform while IOS is not. Another most important factor is affordability. Everyone knows how costly Apple devices are in comparison to an Android phone. The amount of multitasking Android phone offers is far more than what IOS offers. Another reason why most of the techies prefer Android over IOS is installing custom ROMS. You can go for cynaogenmod or run other operating systems like ubuntu, Firefox and even build your own OS. It gives you the entire freedom to play with your device which is not the case in IOS. Also Google Now, virtual assistant in Android phones is more advanced than IOS’s Siri. Also the amount of customization Android offers is far better than IOS. You can use different launchers and enjoy the feel of modifying your own Smartphone. Also the amount of storage that Android Phones offer you is much more than IOS in less price.

Benefits of IOS vs. Android:

The main difference between Android and IOS or to be more specific Google and Apple in business prospective is that Apple earns by selling hardware while Google earns while selling software. The entire approach for generating revenues is different. Google earns through adds while Apple earns through purchases from its App-store, iTunes etc. Where IOS stands out is the quality and experience. Apps built for IOS are far better in terms of quality and service as compared to Android. Apple provides regular updates to almost all of the devices whereas Google does not. Another feature that lets Apple devices to standout is its synchronization between all its devices. Yes, whether you have an iPhone, iPad or a Mac all of them can be synchronized. Your data can easily be accessed through any of these devices. Another important factor is the security which would be the most important factor to some of us. Yes, iPhones are more secure than Android Phones and are less prone to malware than Android phones. List goes on and answers to this question lies within you. Choose on the basis of what you want and the kind of needs you have. Also ask yourself whether you are going for the OS or the brand behind it. Do share your answer to this battle. Mine is surely Android.  

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