Monday, 10 November 2014

GOOGLE UNSTOPPABLE....!! This time it is Project Ara Smartphone to monitor oxygen levels in blood.....!!

Google continues to enhance technology in all fields. This time it about your health , which is the major concern. Recently Google revealed much anticipated Project Ara which would have swappable health related accessories , one of them is Pulse Oximeter .

 The Pulse Oximeter would allow the smartphone to measure oxygen level in your blood. Its a start , not the end , as Google would extend the capabilities of the smartphone , to be used as mobile health monitors.
The Project Ara was originally headed by Motorola Mobility , became Google's pet Project after Motorola was sold to Lenovo.

The Project Ara is expected to come with a phone early next year but it would be interesting to see the swappable accessories Google would offer in the final product.The phone shall be available as base skeleton on which multiple swappable features could be added later on.

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